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Howdy! Welcome to our Very Merry Wild West Party! This holiday season was full of sheriffs, poker, cowboys and holiday spirit, enjoy this look into our Christmas festivities!


Met at the door by two saloon girls and a cowboy ready for a draw, all guest's were greeted with a photo op and a signature cocktail. Everyone was in awe as they entered their everyday office space only to find themselves transported into the wild west!  Guests then made their way to the Sheriff's jail to get their mugshot in the county jail photo booth! 

 Wanted posters of office executives and employees decorated the walls along with Christmas lights and cow hide. As the night carried on, guests found their way to the Bourbon Saloon, featuring poker games and an old-time piano player.  The night rode along perfectly like a cowboy in the night and guests left pleased with bourbon in their bellies and beef jerky in their pockets. 

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