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Fall, Fun, and Fabulous!

As summer comes to an end Fall is just around the corner! The Party Girls want to help you create the perfect party while you sit back, relax, and watch your favorite football team with your family and friends!


Color schemes:

As fall approaches, so do all the vibrant colors. Incorporate the colors of the trees and nature to create a warm, inviting environment for your guests.

Party Themes:

In fall, there are infectious ways to make your party unique! Some theme ideas include Tailgate, Halloween, Thanksgiving or you can just add fall aspects to give your event that special seasonal touch.


Spice the party up with some fun games! These fall themed games are assured to be a crowd favorite for all ages.

  • Mummy Wrap

  • Corn hole

  • Pumpkin Carving

  • Apple bobbing

  • Pumpkin balloon darts


Incorporate the flavors of fall into your snacks, appetizers, and drinks during your party. Your guests will appreciate the little touches you add to enhance the fall atmosphere.

Here are some great examples of fun fall foods!

Overall the main goal of your party is to enjoy your family, friends, and the wonderful season of fall!

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