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Buying the Perfect Gift

Countless hours are spent year after year trying to find the perfect gift for the person that doesn't need anything or the acquaintance at work who you picked for secret santa. Well The Party Girl Events team is here to give you the single most important tip on how to buy a gift that is sure to please.

Personalize it! Our BIGGEST tip is to personalize your gift! Personalizing something automatically makes it more valuble to the person receiving it so why not be the best gift giver around by following this one simple step?

We here at The Party Girl Events are no strangers to partying and gift giving and we would like to share with you one of our many valuable vendors who is known for personalized gifts that will fit any budget.

Memorable Retirement Gifts is an amazing company that has a variety of useful and fun gifts that can all be personalized. There are gifts that will delight any gender or age, a couple of our favorites being: the Arctic Whiskey Stones and the Rustic Beer Tote, both of which are featured in the gallery above. If you want to capture your retiree’s profession in a comedic way, the “worlds best (profession)” caricature mugs are a unique way to do so and a sure way to bring a smile to their face.

The Party Girl Events recently received monogramed whiskey glasses (featured in the gallery below) for an engagement party and we were immediately hooked! It doesn't go unnoticed the amount of time and energy this company puts into creating and customizing their products to please their clientele.

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