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In the fabulous field of event planning, things aren't always as...fabulous... behind the scenes as they appear, but that is the exciting, sometimes challenging, beauty of event planning! The spontaneous change of one vendor's plans can set off a chain of adjustments that will have to be made. So, our Party Girl Diaries entry today will be a list of Top 10 Florist Tips & Tricks to help the Party Girl in you put together a stunning centerpiece in the event that you don't have a florist for your big event!

These Tips are thanks to the Florist Blog by Floranext

10. Flowers Take A Deep Dive

Submerge the whole flower/flowers into water, water enters through all parts of the flower which results in longer lasting floral arrangements.

>> See more of this wedding HERE

9. Crowning Glory

This is a flower shop must have and easily one of the best-kept secrets in floral arranging. Crowning Glory is a spray wax that keeps your floral arrangements hydrated and the results are long lasting blooms for weeks.

8. Alum

Keep hydrangeas from wilting with Alum powder, this is not an old wives tale. Alum powder works in keeping hydrangeas gorgeous and wilt free. You can find Alum in your grocery spice aisle. After the hydrangea stem is cut, place them directly into the Alum powder and continue with your floral arrangement.

7. Open Closed Flower Buds

Tammie Wilson Favorites-0008

To open up closed flower buds, dip them in warm water and then cold. This is a great tip for instantly showcasing an open bud arrangement.

6. Put Your Orchid Plants On Ice

Instead of watering your orchid plants, try using an ice cube. The slow melting of the ice cube gives your orchid plant slow steady hydration and will keep it from drowning. This is also a good way to measure the amount of water to give your orchid plant, one ice cube a week is all that is needed. If it’s a larger orchid plant, it is OK to use 2 or 3 ice cubes a week.

See more pictures from this wedding HERE<<

5. Cut Flower Stems Underwater

For flowers of a more delicate nature (Peonies, and Dahlias) cut stem under water and always on an angle. This helps in their ability to absorb water thus increasing their longevity. A good tip is most all your flower stems can be cut underwater if you do not have access to a sink, just fill a large container next to work area. Remember to make sure container is cleaned.

4. Make A Grid See more pictures from this party HERE

Hawaiian Inspired Floral Centerpiece


Many florists have whats called a mental grid by placing flowers in a vase or container and making a grid by overlapping stems and turning the container with flowers placed on angles on the outward portion of the vessel. Essentially what this does is a create a holder for your flowers, making them look unified and balanced. A mental grid for flower arrangements may not work for all floral designers, so in that case, you can make a tape grid. Just lay the tape horizontal and vertical and Voila you now have a flower holder to keep your blooms looking amazing. This works especially well for short vases and low containers.

3. Keep Your Foliage Clear Of Water

When vase arranging, be sure to remove all foliage on your blooms and never any foliage below the water line. We know most florists know this, however, this is still a great tip. Just one little piece of foliage below the waterline can be detrimental to your floral arrangement causing to wilt and tuned.

See more pictures from this wedding HERE <<

2. Remove Lily Stamens

What are Stamens? Stamens are heavily pollinated and in the center of the lily. As soon as you’re lily opens, be sure to remove the pollen Remove stamens gently and try not to allow it to touch the lily. Removing the Stamens allows for long lasting lilies.

1.Floral Design Experiment

Paying homage to the ever so popular organic style of floral arranging today, we encourage you to forget the color wheel and experiment with different textures, herbs, beautiful foliage and blooms to create your own design style niche.

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